Application Process

We have created a streamlined system of accessing services and maintaining communication for the enrolled client, the family, and the placing agency’s staff. To discuss our services or their applicability to a specific person or situation, call our Admissions department at our toll-free number. You can also call Debbie Atkinson, Admissions Coordinator at (910) 416-0237. Mrs. Atkinson will work with you personally, answering questions and guiding you through the admissions process.

How to Begin Admission Process

Should you decide to make a formal application for services, an admissions coordinator will help you through the process. Before an interview is set up and a decision is made, the admissions team would like to have the following information:

Depending on the MCO where your child is located, additional documentation may be necessary. If you have questions, please contact our admissions office at (910) 689-0539 or see PRTF requirements on your MCO’s website.

Begin the admission process by downloading the forms below:

Receive Email Updates

Please take a few moments to browse our services and take a virtual tour of our center. Don’t give up! The right treatment approach is out there, and we hope to be your partner of choice to begin your child’s journey on the path to living the life they deserve.