Q- What items do I need to bring for my child on the day of admission?
A -The facility provides uniform clothing, underwear, slippers and hygiene items.

Q- Does the facility provides haircuts?
A – Yes, however, only basic haircuts will be provided.

Q- Can I visit the facility?
A – Yes, you are encouraged to visit your child. There is regular scheduled for you to visit with your loved one in a private area. This schedule will be provided to you shortly after admission.

Q- Will my child attend school?
A – Each facility is registered with the Department of Non-Public Instruction to provide educational services on site. Credits earned while at our facility are transferrable to public schools.

Q- Can I bring extra items (games, toys, etc) for my child?
A – These items can sometimes pose a safety risk or trigger behavioral outburst. We ask that you speak with the Executive Director prior to bringing any items to your child. In most cases the facility will provide the requested item at no expense to you.

Q- Will my child be assigned to an individual (single) room?
A – In most cases, your child will be assigned to an individual room upon admission. However, after an orientation period your loved one will likely by transferred to a double room.

Q: What is the typical day like?
A: The day begins with a morning wellness program followed by hygiene needs and breakfast. Afterwards, school begins. After a short lunch break, school resumes. After school, individual and/or group therapy sessions are conducted. In the afternoon, group recreational activities are scheduled. Dinner is served followed by some relaxation time. Residential mentors work with your loved one throughout the day to help them achieve their individual goals.

Q: What recreational activities are available?
A: All of our facilities have a basketball court, video game consoles, computers and board games. Additional activities are made available based on the interests of our residents.

Q: Are residents allowed to make and receive phone calls?
A: Yes. Communication with our residents is encouraged. You will be provided with a phone call schedule shortly after admission to ensure each resident has an opportunity to call loved ones.

Q: How often will updates be provided about my child progress in the program?
A: Updates are provided at least every 10 days.

Q: What is the average length of stay?
A: Our average length of stay is approximately 9 months.

Q: Does the facility/program have a proven track record of assisting children with mental illness or behavioral diagnoses?
A: Yes. 70% of our residents have been able to complete our program and succeed at a lower level of care.

Q: What specific qualifications/training does the staff have in working with individuals that need PRTF services?
A: All of our staff receive extensive training in Crisis Prevention Techniques and Person Centered Care. In addition, our staff receives monthly training on symptoms and proven techniques based on individual diagnoses.

Q: What types of therapy or other interventions are available to assist my child with their individual needs?
A: We provide a range of individual and group therapies from basic mental health to trauma focused. Our agencies also utilize evidenced based practices of behavior modification.

Q: How are residents medical needs addressed?
A: Registered nurses are available on site 24 hours a day. The nurse assesses the resident and coordinates with medical professionals in the area to assure your child receives the appropriate care.

Q: Who can I contact if I have concerns/questions about the program, facility or treatment my child is receiving.
A: You can contact the Executive Director at the facility in which your child resides. In addition, Leah Jenkins, Vice President of Clinical Services or Hillary Rumppe, Vice President of Administration are available to address your concerns/questions.

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