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What Do We Provide?
We provide high-quality, compassionate psychiatric residential treatment that provides mental health services to young men afflicted by behavioral or emotional concerns.

Treatment Approach
Our program provides treatment by utilizing modifications of the therapeutic approach, Cognitive Behavior Theory (CBT), which is an evidenced-based theory used primarily for individuals who have difficulty coping with emotional stimuli, or are exhibiting self-injurious and life-threatening behaviors. The average length of time to complete the program is 6-9 months

Our Goal is to Decrease:
  • Internal chaos
  • Unsteady emotions
  • Moods
  • Impulsivity
  • Confusion about one’s self
  • Relationship difficulties
This is achieved by:
  • Increasing interpersonal effectiveness
  • Emotional regulation
  • Distress tolerance
  • Developing mindfulness skills
Cost for Program
  • Psychiatric Residential Treatment services are covered by Medicaid, NC Health Choice, and many insurance plans. We will gladly discuss self-pay arrangements for anyone interested.
  • Certain children may be eligible for state and local funding through their Local Management Entity.
If you should have any questions about fees or insurance coverage; please contact our Billing Department at 877-472-2302 ext. 722

Treatment plans are based on the child’s individual needs and personal situation. Services necessary to achieve goals will be discussed and developed with the child, his family or other appropriate individuals involved in the treatment process.

Our children are free from:
  • Physical punishment
  • Exploitation, retaliation, and humiliation
  • Searches of personal belongings except under critical circumstances (i.e., weapons, illegal items)
  • Threats of suspension or expulsion except if we can no longer meet the child’s needs or guarantee their safety

Staff Credentials
Our organization provides its children with a highly qualified staff consisting of a licensed psychiatrist, mental health professionals, registered nurses, and residential mentors. All staff qualifications are verified prior to joining our team.

Application Process
We believe every child should have the opportunity to receive services and support in their communities, regardless of the complexity of their condition or behavioral challenges.

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